Entry #1

My welcome note to NG.

2007-09-14 17:08:28 by jnzfab

Welcome to my page. Here I most likeyly dropping my music possibly my flashes too.

But check man my songs are nuts.

Check em out...

Bomb a comment.

P.S. Taking Ng hip-hop game by storm.


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2007-11-17 02:08:59

Heh, you looking for a lot of problems here bruh. I'm not even mad at ya, just that you been saying that people here got no flow when in actuality, the few who you told do have flow. It's whatever kid. If you gonna try to take the hip-hop community here by storm, you need to step ya game up bruh. There's a lot of talent on this site, and you'd better be signed by Def Jam or somethin to take over.


2007-11-18 19:12:47

lmao, you telling me to listen to Wayne's punk ass? I dun listen people who act like they took a bullet from another dude. The only time when he got shot is when he was showing off in front his friends, and popped himself in the chest. Hence the name.... Weezy.

As for my flow, that shit is on point. For my pronunciation, I need work on it. You're not telling me anything new with that. I just dun understand how people around me are able to understand everything, and tell me what I said word for word, then people on here act like they can't understand a god damn word. It's probably cuz my friends are used to the way I talk with my heavy NJ accent, or whatever.


2007-11-19 17:35:08

Yeah, dude flow on point, but words blow ass. Check my track Lyrical Expertise. I think that's one of my better vocal tracks. Tell me whatchu think.


2008-01-23 19:43:12

you're a cocky son of a bitch and i don't like you.


jnzfab responds:



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